Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Hon. Wirba Did Not Boycott SDF's NEC Meeting. He Was Not Just Invited And This Is Why

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Hon. Joseph Wirba, one of the foundation pillars of Cameroon's chief opposition party the Social Democratic Front - SDF has said he did not boycott the just ended National Executive Committee -NEC of his party, but was simply  not invited for reasons he himself cannot tell.
The MP for the Jakiri Special Constituency was speaking to the press, during a Press briefing in his native home in Jakiri on Oct. 31st, 2017. The  press briefing was intended to make public the findings of his 15 Man Commission of Inquiry that probed into the September 22 and October 1 killings of peaceful demonstrators in the North West and South West Regions.
I am glad to tell you that I am hearing about the meeting from you because I am sure that my stand, which my party disapproves, must have made them to exclude me from everything.
“I will just want to mention that they would have been very late to start talking about things like this because a party like the SDF for which people lost their lives, for which people like me sacrificed everything they had including their famous civil service jobs in Cameroon to make sure that they form the party for change to be brought to Cameroon that we all needed,” he stated, when Asked why he boycotted the last SDF National Executive Committee (NEC).
According to Wirba, if he stood up like he did in the National Assembly and the party from the Chairman to his Executive shied away from their responsibilities of standing up and talking on behalf of the people, he can only feel sorry because the people are moving in a totally different direction from the SDF.
If the party feels that it represents or talk on behalf of the people, then they should start doing more than just paying lip service… The party should have shown its belief in freedom and in the negation of the humanity of the English- speaking Cameroonians by barking publicly and on the parliamentary floor. I think the SDF revolution is reeling out and I have work for the party all my life for 27 years, losing everything I was able to protect, putting my own life at risk like what I am doing now. Without mixing words, my party disappointed me and the people of English-speaking Cameroon,” he said.
Hon. Wirba’s outburst is not surprising to many, after the MP launched a scathing attack on Cameroon’s lawmakers during the December 2016 parliamentary session, for their indifference to the Anglophone Crisis.

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