Thursday, 9 November 2017

Hon. Joseph Wirba Says He Is Not Under House Arrest

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Contrary to sources on Social Media, Hon. Wirba is free and circulating, and not under any house arrest. According to CNA News, Hon Wirba confirmed that a military truck visited his neighborhood in the afternoon and came close to his house not too far from the road. 

He said after making some few checks with combat ready soldiers they left.

He told CNA that he has decided not to go anywhere but remain home, because his Car Particulars are in the keeping of Soldiers who threaten to impound it last Saturday, on account he was transporting more persons than required number.

Justifying his overloaded vehicle, Hon Wirba said he was going for a meeting in one of the villages and did not see why he would not carry some villagers in his car.

So far, he is not under any pressure or house arrest, and if he is at home, it is his personal decision.

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