Monday, 13 November 2017

Colonel Didier Badjeck Says Government Should Launch An Arrest For Social Media Activists Insulting Paul Biya, Ministers And Other Citizens On Social Media - Lol

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The spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense Colonel Didier Badjeck is making headlines again, and this time, he is being mocked big-time by Cameroonians for calling on the government to arrest Social Media Activists who use the channel to attack, accuse and insult President Paul Biya, his government, his ministers and even ordinary citizens.

In his most recent media outing on CRTV's Saturday Military program 'Honneur et Fidélité', the Colonel hammered on negative impacts of Social Media has on its victims.

In his rantings, Colonel Badjeck said he was looking forward for a cooperation with the State to arrest individuals on Social Media who insults the Head of State, Ministers of the Republic, and even ordinary citizens who face humiliation through Social Media. 

He mentioned the names Boris Bertolt and Patrice Nouma, as prime culprits, who are on exile in the diaspora, militating for change in the country, through their critics on the Biya's government on Social Media.

Colonel Didier Badjeck's declarations comes, one week after a video of his poor self struggling to manipulate a machine gun in Northern Region went viral of Social Media. Comments of the video especially that of Boris Bertolt, a France based Cameroonian investigation journalist on exile, who said the video was a shame to the Cameroonian Army, prompted the Colonel to take to Facebook and embarrassed himself and his government, trying to explain why he could not manipulate the machine gun.

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