Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Cameroonian Lady Slumps And Dies In Switzerland During An Event

A Cameroonian lady whose sole name we got as Dominique is said to have died in Zurich Switzerland, during an event organized by her group of friends.

According to various sources Dominique was participating in beauty contest event organized by L'Amicale des Femmes Camerounaise de Zurich, and Association where in which she is a member.

"Well dressed, with bright hairy face, her dream body was beautifully moving as she paraded in front of the jury, during the event which was round two of the election of the Miss Amicale des Femmes Camerounaise de Zurich for 2017. She was surrounded by 4 finalists with whom she was competing as she walked seductively to have the jury full for her charms. All of sudden, she slumped and died. Everyone thought it was just an ordinary slip of step. Some said they should give her a glass of water to revive her, but she had slept deeper, and her soul left her to the amazement of all." An eye witness told us.

The Cameroonian community in Switzerland is in bewilderment, and first medical explanations say it was a heart attack, but traditionalists are attributing it to witchcraft.

Whatever it is, we commit it into the Mighty Hands of the All-Knowing God. RIP Dominique

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