Monday, 20 November 2017

Boh Herbert Blasts H.E. Sisiku AyukTabe, Calls Him 'A Puppy Dictator'

Boh Herbert has once again attacked the Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia H.E. Sisiku Julius AyukTabe.

In a palaverous tweet, reacting to Sisiku's message of yesterday Nov. 19 2017, where the Interim Government reached out to Consortium, SCNC, MoRISC, SCACUF, SCAPO, SCYL, and  others, to create a "Coalition of the Willing", the man of MoRISC blasted  that; "The jury is out: A puppy dictator has been birthed in Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia. It is hail to the King or death to Ambazonia!"

This is not the first time the contradictory power monger of Boh Herbert is putting up such a public show of shame, for a battle that is supposed to have been fought behind closed doors.

Sisiku's message :

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