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Boh Herbert has once again attacked the Interim President of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia H.E. Sisiku Julius AyukTabe.

In a palaverous tweet, reacting to Sisiku's message of yesterday Nov. 19 2017, where the Interim Government reached out to Consortium, SCNC, MoRISC, SCACUF, SCAPO, SCYL, and  others, to create a "Coalition of the Willing", the man of MoRISC blasted  that; "The jury is out: A puppy dictator has been birthed in Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia. It is hail to the King or death to Ambazonia!"

This is not the first time the contradictory power monger of Boh Herbert is putting up such a public show of shame, for a battle that is supposed to have been fought behind closed doors.

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