Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Minister Gregoire Owona Condemns The Actions Of SDF MPs During Yesterday's Session

Members of Parliament of the Social Democratic Front - SDF, yesterday Nov. 29, took the National Assembly hostage, with sorrow songs and whistles blowing, calling on the President  of the House to table the Anglophone crisis for discussion during the session.

Their request was rejected, as the topic did not figure in yesterday's agenda.
The disappointed MPs all took to the rostrum, and tried to disrupt the session by interrupting Prime Minister Yang's presentation on the Economic Social, Financial and Cultural Planning for the 2018 financial year, but failed, as the Prime Minister carried out his presentation to the end, despite the singing and sounds of whistles.

Talking over CRTV about this manifestation, the  Minister of Labour and Social Security Gregoire Owona, who was sitting in for Amadou Ali,  Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Delegate at the presidency in charge of Relations with the Parliament said 'this behaviour of the SDF MPs is a violation of parliamentary practices.'

"The National Assembly just like the Senate functions according to certain rules known by all. And when these rules are not respected, as SDF in this case did not respect the rules, which is important to NOTE. They may have problems, they may have legitimate demands, the Prime Minister haven politely taken the act, haven kindly taken the act, addressed them with great respect. It is unacceptable that people should behave so badly in a republican institution » he told CRTV.

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