Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ayah Ayah Abine Under Arrest Threats

Ayah Ayah Abine, son of veteran judge Justice Ayah Paul Abine, says he is under threats of arrest for reasons unknown to him.

According to the news on his Facebook wall Ayah Ayah said he could be arrested anytime, for reasons he ignore. He went further to say unconfirmed sources have revealed that his arrest warrant has already been prepared, and pending  approval to get him behind bars.

Ayah Ayah says he would not runaway from Cameroon like a coward for any reason, neither will he flee his resident that is well known, because he is a public figure.

Read his post below: 

Breaking News!
"I have been reliably informed that I could be arrested at anytime for reasons I ignore. Another unconfirmed source tells me my file may already be on the arrest table waiting for an OK for it to be effected. Permit me make it very clear to anyone who cares:
While thanking all who have asked me to run for my life, I firmly state that I won't flee Cameroon to anywhere for any reason. My address is known, my abode known, my movements known, etc. I am a public figure. Everything about me is public and warrants no stress for hands to be laid on me. I am an easy target. 
If arresting me will solve the anglophone problem, may it be done. I have always stood for justice and for the defence of the rights of the defenseless and voiceless; and so will I remain SO HELP ME GOD.
I call to witness the entire universe on this day of our Lord."

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