Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wife Of Assassinated Principal Of LYBISIN Foumbam Arrested For Allegedly Masterminding His Assassination

Shocking updates on the assassination of Charles Etoundi, Principal of Lycee Bilingue Sultan  Ibrahim  Njoya of Foumbam reveal that his wife masterminded his assassination, on the night of Friday breaking Saturday Sept. 23rd 2017.

According to a source in Foumban under the Facebook name of Moussa Njoya, a renowned gang of bandits terrorizing the population of Foumban in broad daylight was arrested by the Bafoussam Judicial Police. While in custody and under torture, the guys confessed killing Principal Charles Etoundi, and that his wife paid them to do the job.

The source say the police went to the late Principal's residence, and arrested his widow, who is presently defending herself at the Bafoussam Judicial Police.

It should be recalled that on the night of Friday breaking Saturday 23rd September, a group of well known thugs in the hospitable town of Foumban, who carry out their operations in broad daylight without masking their faces, went to the Nkouga-Dallas neighborhood, to carry out their usual operation. They trailed a local trader, popularly called 'Tommy', who had finished his sale for the day and was going back home, stabbed him to death, and made away all the money he had on him.

They left Tommy in his pool of blood, and headed to the Foumban Regional hospital, were they tried to steal Dr. Nkuete's car, but due to the high security gadgets in the car, they could not drive it away, but went away with the extinguisher, and left for the residence of their next target, who was no other than the Principal of Lycee Bilingue Sultan Ibrahim Njoya -LYBISIN..  

Arriving Principal Charles Etoundi's residence, the gang tied up his night watchman, break opened the door of his living room, and ordered everyone in the house to bring out whatever they had in their possession(money, jewelries, etc..). 

Charles Etoundi hesitated in respecting the orders from the criminals, stabbed one of his kids, and stabbed him many times to death as well. Seeing the danger, his Jezebel of a wife rushed in and brought all the money they had at home, gave to the thugs, after they had already killed her husband, and they left, leaving Charles Etoundi swimming in his own pool of blood.

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