Sunday, 29 October 2017

There is no blue and white flag in the UN to be picked up by Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia - Dr. AZONG WARA Andrew

As one-time secretary general of the now outlawed Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) I had reached the conclusion that Cameroon was one and indivisible as was being propounded by the ruling elite of this nation. 
This followed the response of the UN Secretary General, Dr. Kofi Annan, to the many supplications submitted to his office on various occasions by the SCNC. 

During his visit to Cameroon in August of 2000 he prescribed direct dialogue with the SCNC as a way of reconciling the people of the English speaking Cameroons with those of the French speaking to ensure a one united and indivisible country, rich in diversity.

At the end of that visit Dr. Annan invited the Head of State Mr Paul Biya to the UN to prepare and lay the framework for dialogue, a mission which Mr. Biya undertook in the company of Mr Simon Achidi Achu and Chief Endeley of blessed memory. 

I was to play a role in the organization of that dialogue but before it could take off my colleagues of the SCNC frustrated it by ostracizing me from the Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. As a result we reached a dead end with that effort. The Governing Council of “SCACUF” has today reached its own dead end.

It is the same end that the founding fathers of Cameroon reached when they returned to the UN with the Conveners of AACI and AAC2 after their meetings in Buea and Bamenda in 1993 and 1994 respectively. 

It is the same end that Fon Gorji Dinka and Ambazonia reached; that Dr. Nfor Nfor and later Ambassador Forssung reached; that Prof. Chia and others like him reached; etc. There is no blue and white flag in the UN to be picked up by Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia. The education of the children of the Anglophone Regions of Cameroon has been frustrated.

We were fooled into believing that UNESCO would award Anglophones with a Blank School Year if we followed the advice to keep our children out of school indefinitely; that international institutions will not recognize certificates from Cameroon if we allowed our children to write what was described as “political GCE”; and so on and so forth. In doing this we were forced to abandon the SCNC’s philosophy of the “Force of Argument” and accept the sacrifice of having our children maimed and our businesses paralyzed. The result was the carnage of 1st October 2017.

No blue and white flag came from the UN. UNESCO is still to award the much trumpeted certificate of a blank school year to Cameroon. What do we have to offer for the blood and destruction resulting from the events of Sunday October 1st 2017 except to lay the blame on the excesses of the forces of law and order of “La Republique”? The foregoing not withstanding I believe that the way forward is to embrace the true and inclusive dialogue advocated by the UN.

In this respect I think that we should endorse the efforts of pacification being made by the elite of the North West and South West Regions led by the Prime Minister’s Office. These elites are no less Anglophones than we. It is only in an atmosphere of peace and confidence that meaningful and productive dialogue can take place. In this way we will come to realize and accept the oneness of Cameroon albeit in two systems.

Anti-Njong, Pioneer Registrar GCE Board,
Member of Order of International Fellowship.


  1. I agree with most of his analysis except the last part that asks us to embrace the elites and their re-re-coming. These elites have been surrogates of the government denying the existence of a problem. They have been lawyers for the government. Some if them.have even invested personally in the carnage of 1st October. E.g the mayor of Buea. Some of them even provided lists to the death squads. They have spared no effort in covering and draping every problem and embarrassment with the flag. How do you listen to people who have self blindfolded themselves with the flag and are firing away indiscriminately? We all know who the main actors and protagonists in this matter are. They are the ones to do the talking. Not the leeches and sycophants. Not the surrogates and boot lickers. We are tired of this drama and circus. The matter at hand now needs a shift in the political status quo. Call it form of the state. Any solution that does not address the political question is a cheap Chinese glue. They tried it before in the 90s. The problem keeps coming back, each time a little bigger than before. Let's wait and see.

    1. I think you have a point there, because any solution that does not address the political situation is a cheap Chinese glue

  2. The question now is "What is the way forward"? What is SCACUF doing differently from what the others who reached dead ends done?

    Thank you Dr. Azong Wara for a candid analysis of the situation. La Republique knows and we know that we don't have the military might to defeat them in war. They even have CEMAC and France as supporters.

    If Military argument is now off the table, then what is the next option?

    It is my opinion that the current Ambazonian leadership did not do feasibility studies before embarking on the path they have taken. The path many before them have taken and failed.

    The truth may be bitter but we have to accept it and look for other options. If we continue to deny the truth then we deceive ourselves and the struggle will continue forever.

    What we seek is self representation, autonomy to choose our own leaders and manage our own affairs. It could be done through an independent state or through a federal state.

    The federal state is the way each of the 50 states in USA operate, it's the same in Germany, in Canada, and many other advanced nations.

    The UN gave us independence in 1961, but Foncha and our fathers messed up the system, entered into an agreement without any legal papers. Who is to blame? This is the same thing that happens when you loan out money to someone without any legally binding agreement. If things go wrong you suffer.


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