Wednesday, 18 October 2017

The Orange/Camel Debt Saga - Orange Bows To Camtel's Supremacy And Accepts To Pay The 1.6 Billion F CFA Debt

Image result for √Člisabeth Medou Badang, DG Orange Cameroun
Elisabeth Medou Badang - DG of Orange Cameroon

Orange has finally decided to pay the long disputed 1.6 Billion F CFA they owed Camtel, and according to them, their decision is motivated by the interest of their customers that was already at stake.

The decision is a contained in a Communique signed today October 18th, 2017, by Elizabeth Medou Badang, General Manager of Orange Cameroon. The communique explains that Camtel illegally decided to suspend their Optical Fiber  services exploited by Orange, and their action has impacted millions of Orange Subscribers.

Orange say they have paid all debts owed Camtel till the end of this year, and that they have decided to settle the  much contested 1.6 Billion F CFA debts, for the utmost interest of their subscribers, who so far, have been the ones feeling the heat of this administrative battle.

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