Sunday, 1 October 2017

Southern Cameroonians In Manyu Take Their Land By Force, As SDO OUM II Joseph Flees For Safety

Reports from Mamfe, chief town of the Manyu Division  says last night was hotter for the government military men, who came at the instructions of the SDO of the locality, Oum II Joseph, to force people to remain indoors on Independent Day, October 1, 2017.

Oum II Joseph had issued a Press Release  declaring a State of Emergency all over the Manyu Division, warning anyone  found outside of  terrorists treatments. However, he became the wanted, as the Mamfe boys fortified themselves with Odeshi( a powerful juju from Nigerian, that protects bullets from entering your Body), and confronted the military, who rained bullets on them, before realizing they were stronger than the bullets.

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As the military men saw ' a power stronger than their bullets', they turned back  to run, but were captured.

Meanwhile the boys went out demanding the head of Oum II Joseph on a platter of gold, but the SDO had gone as far as his legs could carry him, to a cave, where he is probably sweating his life away.

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