Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Personnel Delegate Of SGC Bank Abducted At The Request Of His Boss - He Is No Where To Be Found

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Thomas Njoya staff and personnel delegate of SGC Bank

Thomas NJOYA, personnel delegate of the Societe General Cameroun, a French bank based in Cameroon, has been abducted. Njoya was abducted by Forces of Law and Order at the request of his boss, while he was observing  a hunger strike since Oct. 16, 2017.

Thomas Njoya sent a distress message on WhatsApp to his friends and relatives,  that 'some officials of the bank have been assigned to abduct him to an unknown destination, and that he was being sequestrated in one of the dark rooms of the bank in Bonanjo.'  Since his friends and families received the message, his phone went silent, and he too disappeared, as all attempts to reach him have failed.

His colleagues say he went on strike, following the poor treatment meted on them, by the colonial Director General, who behaves as if he owns the world.

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