Thursday, 19 October 2017

Orange Cameroon Compensates Subscribers With Free Airtime And Internet Connection

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Orange Cameroon has decided to compensate its customers for all the troubles they went through, during the optical fiber debt battle with the Cameroon Telecommunications - Camtel.

Orange Cameroon sent out SMS this morning to its subscribers, informing them that their accounts have been credited, with a certain amount, or that they have a certain amount of data Mo, following the recent network outages registered by the network, due to the misunderstanding it had with Camtel.

Cameroonians have criticize Orange's gestures, saying that the compensation is not worth all they lost, and that not all subscribers benefited from the compensation.

In late September, Camtel sent a letter to Orange, asking them to pay them sum of 1.6 Billion F CFA, which they claim is an accumulation of unpaid bills for optical fiber services they supplied to Orange. They threatened to suspend the said services from Orange, and carried out their threats, leaving Orange subscribers helpless. 

Orange went public, covering up the truth and apologizing to its subscribers that their optical fiber was faulty, reason why their network was inaccessible the whole of that weekend. Camtel on the other side disgraced Orange in a press release, accusing Orange of lying to its subscribers, and told Orange s' subscribers that they (Camtel) suspended optical fiber services in Orange, because Orange owed them, reason why their network services were out.

The war continued on paper, until yesterday Oct. 18th, 2017, Orange's CEO Elizabeth Medou Badang published a Communique, informing the public that for the sake of its clients' interest, they have decided to settle the 1.6 Billion F CFA Camtel is imposing on them.

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