Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Minister Issa Tchiroma Says He Is Not Aware Of The Shootings And Killings In Southern Cameroons

The Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary, has vehemently denied reports about the shootings and killings presently going on in Southern Cameroons.

In a very confrontational phone interview with Chris Anu of  'Cameroon Journal' on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, Minister Tchiroma said he did not have proves of the shootings and killing allegations, and that he needed to get information and confirmation from the Ministry concerned, before making public statements. 

In the heated phone interview, Minister Tchiroma claimed ignorant on the killings, arrest and maiming of unarmed citizens of Southern Cameroons, and threatened his caller  about his way of talking things, while also saying that his caller wants to trap him into saying things he Tchiroma was not sure of, because they will  spread whatever he says to the whole world.

Minister Tchiroma kept  insisting through out the less than five minutes interview, that he needed to get authentic reports from the department that be, confirming the shooting and killing allegations,  before voicing out anything on behalf of government.

Tchiroma said Chris, reports and allegations were wrong, and quarried that he was not in court. He kept refraining from answering questions hammered on him about the shootings.

About what will happen to Ernest Obama, the Vision4 journalist who preached genocide on Southern Cameroons,  Tchiroma said he personally did not watch Obama on TV, but that one of his close friends told him about it, condemning the Vision4's journalist of his abominable proliferations, and that he (Tchiroma), will summon Obama to his office to get his own side of the story.

Minister Tchiroma dropped the phone, when Chris Anu asked what punishment he Tchiroma will prescribe for himself for calling anglophones 'terrorists', and also for Governor Okalia Bilia, who called anglophones 'dogs'.

Listen to the complete interview here below:

With excepts from Cameroon Journal

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