Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Military Abducts And Imprison 5 Months Old Pregnant Sola Yundze in Limbe - Cameroon on Oct. 1, 2017

Imprisoned Frank and Sola on their wedding day

The military men sent by government to counteract Independence day celebration in Southern Cameroons, lost their focus, and took to misplaced priorities, unlawfully breaking into peoples' homes and arresting them.

On Sunday Oct. 1, 2017, while members of the ruling CPDM party celebrated Independence day for the first time in the history of Cameroon, in an attempt to mar genuine celebrations of Independence Restoration all over Southern Cameroons, military men emptied their bullets on armless Southern Cameroons citizens, killing over 30 of them, and wasting their blood on the streets, Making Oct. 1 2017, a BLACK one.

As if their thirst for blood was not satiated, they went breaking into peoples' house, abducting them and looting their properties as well, with no one to question their actions.

The most heart breaking case is that of  Frank Sakwe in Limbe, whose door was forcefully break opened by the boots of Biya's men, who abducted him and his five month pregnant wife Sola Yundze, and took them to the Buea Central prison, where reports say Sola is have premature contractions.

Hundreds of citizens all over Southern Cameroons are in the same situation, and the house to house arrest is still ongoing even at press time.

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