Monday, 9 October 2017

Mfoundi's Most Outspoken Political Warrior Emile Onambele Zibi Dies At 73

Cameroonians woke up this morning with the shocking news of the death of one of Mfoundi's main political gamer Emile Onambele  Zibi.

He died at the Yaounde Central hospital in the early hours of today Monday Oct. 9th, 2017, from a cardiac arrest, that sent him into coma since Thursday Oct. 5 2017.

Onambele Zibi was the former President of Tonnerre Kalara Football Club of Yaounde, and a CPDM Municipal Councillor of Yaounde 2.

He was one of the Mfoundi elites, who wrote a Memorandum in September 2016, accusing President Paul Biya of 'GENOCIDE". He was suspended from participating in any activities in Mfoundi for one year.

Onambele Zibi was also among the Mfoundi elites, who recently wrote to President Paul Biya, calling on him to release Sparrow Hawk victims from Kondengui, after he released anglophones arrested in connection with the ongoing anglophone crisis.

Emile Onambele Zibi will be remembered for his tribalistic outings especially against the Bamilikes, whom he hated because according to him, Biya gave more preference to them, than to the Mfoundi people, who always stole elections for him.

We of Thatcher's Lounge address our sincere condolence to his family, and pray for the perfect repose of his soul.

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