Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ivo Tapang, Stop Pushing People To Their Early Graves. No Ambazonian Flag In Douala On Sat. Oct. 21st, 2017. Carry It At Your Own Risk

The Social Democratic Front - SDF in its continuous support to the anglophone people and their grievances, has organized a solidarity march, to sympathize with people of the North West and South West Regions, who are victims and relatives of victims of government's September 22nd and Oct 1. 2017 violence.

This manifestation will take place in Douala, the capital city of the Littoral province, the Economic capital of Cameroon,  on Saturday 21st Oct, 2017 and well wishers and sympathizers from other political parties as well as the civil society are expected to take part.

The chief organizer SDF Littoral is talking of mobilizing 50 000 participants, and for the respect of our statehood, we are all advised to put our political differences aside, and commune with the organizers of this manifestation in a way that their decision to mourn with us will be a BLESSING and not a CURSE.

So far, I have been reading some posts on Facebook, where Activists are telling people to carry Ambazonian flags or blue and white plastic bags to the manifestation, which is TOTALLY WRONG. Anyone who will carry a flag other than the green, red, yellow, will be doing so at his/her own risk.

I know some of you will hurl insults at me, but that is just the TRUTH. Douala is not YOUR TERRITORY, and even though we are still in the battle field, for now, we are still under the management of the Republic of Cameroon.

The blood of our brothers and sisters littering the streets of Southern Cameroons has thought many of us so many lessons, and we will not be part of any violation of laws in other peoples' territory. 

One major fundamental human right is the respect of people and whatever is theirs. Please we don't want people who will come to wipe our tears and ease our pains see their own blood flow because of our greediness, for that will not only be a CURSED mission, but will lead to irreparable damages .

"Carry Ambazonian flag in Douala at your own risk."

Meanwhile, SDF says all is said and done for Saturday's peaceful manifestation. We thank them for this initiative, and pray that the Dialogue we so much crave for should quickly come, so that we all can have the country of our dream.

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