Tuesday, 24 October 2017

FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee Queries Hugo Bross, Tchami Alphonse and Toko Ekambi

The head of the  FECAFOOT Normalisation Committee Barrister Dieudonne Happi's has addressed query letters to Cameroon's head coach Hugo Bross, Team Manager for the Lions Alphonse Tchami and the attacker Karl Toko Ekambi, to question why Ekambi was not called up to play, during the last match between Cameroon and Algeria, for the 5th day of play for the Russia 2018 World Cup eliminations.

According to 'Cameroon Tribune' newspaper of yesterday Monday Oct. 23 2017, carrying the story, Bross and Tchami are requested to answer on who played foul for Ekambi's name to be striked off the call up list.

The issue went public, during Hugo Bross' Oct. 2nd Press Conference, when he was asked why Karl Toko Ekambi was absent during the match. 

Bross told the press that Karl Toko Ekambi said 'he wasn't interested in playing again with the Lions.' But unfortunately for Bross,  Ekambi had told one journalist on phone that he wasn't even called up. Ekambi exposed a WhatApp chat he had with the Team Manager Tchami Alphonse about the whole issue to the journalist, who also talked about it, during the Hugo Bross Press Conference.

In the chat, Tchami Alphonse was telling Ekambi that his name was not on the final call up list, despite the fact that the player had received a pre-call up notice, some weeks before the final call up convocation.

According to Cameroon Tribune, to end this foul play, that has become a routine in Lion's den, Tchami has been asked  to  bring out his entire WhatsApp chat with Ekambi, to save his head from rolling.

This is not the first time the management of the Indomitable Lions are using their positions to settle personal scores with players, by not calling them up during matches, especially crucial matches, and all they say to justify their biased action is that 'the player/s refused to answer present when he was called up.'

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