Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Cameroon Moves 3 Points Up On World Bank Ease Of Doing Business 2018 Report

The World Bank today Tuesday Oct. 31st, 2017 has said Cameroon now ranks the  163 position, out of 190 countries in the 'Ease of Doing Business' index for 2018.

The World Bank stated this in its just released Ease of Doing Business(DB) report titled "Doing Business 2018:
Doing Business reform making it easier to do business."

The report stated that Cameroon has moved up by 3 points, from the 166th position in 2017 to 163 in the 2018 report.

DB2018 reveals that Cameroon made starting a business easier by reducing the pain-in minimum capital requirement to 100 000F CFA, and by improving access to credit information by launching a credit registry.

However, in 2017, the report said:
 Dealing with Construction Permits: Cameroon made dealing with construction permits easier by reducing the time it takes to obtain the building permit and strengthen the Building Quality Control Index by increasing transparency.
 Paying Taxes: Cameroon made paying taxes more costly by increasing the minimum tax rate for companies.
 Resolving Insolvency: Cameroon made resolving insolvency easier by introducing a new conciliation procedure for companies in financial difficulties and a simplified preventive settlement procedure for small companies.
New Zealand tops  DB2018 list. 

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