Saturday, 9 September 2017

Yes! It Is Confirmed. Brenda Biya To Sit For The Entrance Examination Into ENAM

Biya Eyenga Elle Anastasie Brenda

It has now been officially confirmed that Cameroon's First Daughter Biya Eyenga Elle Anastasie Brenda will sit on the same bench, in the same hall with ordinary Cameroonians, to write the competitive entrance examination into the Higher National School of Administration and Magistracy - ENAM.

The list of candidates who met the required criteria to sit for the examination was released yesterday Sept. 8, 2017, even though some people on Social Media mistook it for the list of successful candidate. 

As we reported last week, Brenda will be siting in for Cycle B of the Administration Division, and her name appears number 325 on the list.

The motive behind the Head of States decision to have his daughter sit among other Cameroonians for this examination, is still puzzling. Some say it is what they call 'Equal opportunity  for all Cameroonians', while others say it is a strategy for the 2018 big game. But what Thatcher knows is that the Presidential couple have decided to bring their daughter closer to them, so that they can monitor her, following the many scandals(drug abuse, vandalism, alcohol etc...) her puberty led her into, when she was alone in the US these past few years.

Last week, Brenda reacted to the many critics on Social Media, about her father's decision to have her school in Cameroon, saying; 'Cameroon is for all Cameroonians.' What did she mean by that?. Our daring little princess was merely reminding all Cameroonians that she and her siblings were Cameroonians, and as such, have rights to everything in Cameroon, and about Cameroon, just like you and me.

Well said Brenda, but why NOW?. Why did your parents decide to enroll you in the United States in the first place? Did they not know that 'Cameroon is for all Cameroonians?.' Were the Universities in Cameroon not qualified enough to impart knowledge in you?. Thank goodness they are back to their senses, and are on your back now to watch your every move, so that you don't go astray again.

Welcome  home darling. Welcome to the world of REALITY. Welcome back to Cameroon, your own father's land.

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