Friday, 8 September 2017

Twin Babies Taken Hostage At The Gynaeco-Obstetrical Hospital Yassa Douala For One Year Because Of Unpaid Bills

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The twin boys Kenmoe Emane and Kenmoe Etane 

On Sept. 27th 2016, a 22 years old 8 months pregnant lady residing with her uncle in the Ari Douala neighborhood, had a seizure, due to eclampsia. She was immediate rushed to the nearest health unit, which was the  HÔPITAL GYNECO OBSTÉTRIQUE(Gynaeco-Obstetrical Hospital) in Yassa Douala, where she was operated of twins. 

Days later, the hospital brought her an exorbitantly shocking bill of 1 500 000 F CFA (One million five hundred thousand francs).  Her family managed to come up with 450 000 F CFA(Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Francs), which was no where near half of what her total bill looked like, and unable to pay the full bill, the hospital took she and her babies hostage till date.
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The twin boys Kenmoe Emane and Kenmoe Etane

Sources say the twin boys Kenmoe Emane and Kenmoe Etane and their mother Djuikom Sandrine have been living in the accident ward of this health unit for the past one year, and the lady has even begged the hospital officials to give her a chance to work with them, so that she can raise some money to reduce the bill, but even that option was denied.

According to the source of the story Boris BertoltSandrine's family recently paid an additional 170 000 F CFA(One hundred and seventy thousand francs) in August 2017, and begged the Director of the hospital Dr. Emile Telesphore Mboudou to give her a moratorium(installmental payment scheme), and let her go, but Dr. Mboudou is stiff on his decision/ sanction.
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The twin boys Kenmoe Emane and Kenmoe Etane

Boris reports that the children who are already crawling knows nothing about the outside world. They need toys to play with, they need food like phosphatine, Custard, milk etc... which their mum can not afford.

They have very few visitors, as they are living under surveillance 24/7. 

We are therefore begging men and women of goodwill, associations, NGOs, Churches, to lend a helping hand to the lady and her kids in distress, by offering them food, clothing or whatever their mind decides for them, to alleviate the sufferings of this young girl who probably was impregnated by one of the runaway jigolos.

The mother of Djuikom Sandrine is a petty trader in Bafoussam, and from time to time, travels to Douala to assist her daughter in the hospital, by bringing her some food and little cash.

People of good will can go to the the hospital at Yassa, or call the victim on +237 691 917 608.

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