Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Dramatic Release Of Consortium Leaders And Others. Has Balla & Co Betrayed The Struggle? No They Haven't. Read Inside The Story

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Cameroonians were shocked when CRTV announced during the August 30th 5 P.M French news that President Biya had ordered the discontinuance of legal pursuits against the anglophone leaders and others, incarcerated unjustly for the past 8 months, as well as ordered for their release.

The news was received with shock and jubilation, but many people do not know that the decision was the groundwork of an unconscious and conditional betrayal.

Two weeks before the Presidential decision, the news of how Barrister Balla and Dr. Fontem were under pressure by government officials who visited them in jail, to call for school resumption hit the internet, and most of us gave our opinions, but could not do anything to remedy the situation, which was far far beyond our control.

The government on its part  has been under heavy pressure, from both local and international bodies, requesting them to release the people they unjustly arrested during the ongoing anglophone crisis.

To make a step forward, some people needed to sit around a dialogue table, and Southern Cameroonians including the Nico Halles, Musonges, Philemon Yangs, just to name a few stood their grounds that the dialogue could not hold, because the principal stakeholders were still behind bars, and that any thing in the name of dialogue, required their presence.

Not wanting to feel defeated or go back to its previous vomits, government officials visited the leaders in jail, and proposed that they will ALL be released, if and only if they accept to call for school resumption.

Yes, we were all punching our keyboards, rejecting this offer and proposal, condemning our own people whose liberty had been deprived  because they took the lead of our genuine struggle, and had to pay the ultimate price. Have we ever thought of visiting their families for once to give them mere water to soothe their aching and lonely hearts?

How many people have gone to Kondengui or SED to see the unhealthy detention conditions under which these guys are subjected to day and night? How many of us have sent even a glass of garri with two cubes of sugar to support their feeding? Very few.

Haven been there, and not wanting more families to suffer, the LEGAL COUNSELS for the Consortium leaders accepted government's proposal, since they had their faces on the wall, with no option, than to sign for our brothers and husbands to get out of that bootcamp.

They knew the consequences of their decision, but they also knew deep within them that the peoples' voices are louder and stronger than theirs, regarding the ongoing situation.

We shouldn't throw stones at Barrister Balla or Dr. Fontem, nor at their lawyers. We should rather intensify the call for the release of Mancho, Penn and the remaining 26, as government has not respected its own side of the deal. It was release ALL, not release SOME.

Barrister Balla, Dr. Fontem their legal counsels and the rest have not betrayed us. They are still with us and for us.

The duo are still under the trauma of the conditions they were in, inside that la Republique's dungeon.
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If you read unbaisedly the Press Release from Muna and Co, point #5 says the leaders are BEGGING, not that they are CALLING or ORDERING school resumption. It is your choice to accept or reject a plea. It is not obligatory at all.

Let's not lose our sense of focus and reasoning, to create unnecessary tension and hatred among us for nothing.

As for school resumption, parents hold the key, and tomorrow is the day.

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