Friday, 8 September 2017

Beti People Blackmail Paul Biya On The 2018 Elections, Calling On Him To Release their Kinsmen Who Embezzled State Funds, The Same Way He Released Anglophone Prisoners

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Illustrative photo of Biya and Bulu Traditional Rulers

Last year, during one of Biya's long absences from the country, the people of Mfoundi(the Betis), wrote a Memorandum to him, accusing him of committing GENOCIDE.

In their letter, they  accused Paul Biya of not only becoming an absentee landlord, but also the fact that he has become inaccessible to them. 

The Betis in the memorandum said Paul Biya has pushed them aside, and given the Bamilekes upper hands in the affairs of the country and his CPDM party, pointing fingers at Jean Kuete, Secretary General of the Fame party, and Niat Njifenji Marcel of the Senate.

According to the memorandum of 9th September 2016, the grouchy Beti people said their god-father is pampering the people in the West with all the goodies of the country, forgetting them, who turned elections in his favour each time he failed, because according to them, Biya has never won elections. They claimed they have always been the ones to manipulate the ballots in his favour.

They felt that Paul Biya was ungrateful to them, as he doesn't even invite them anymore to the traditional May 20th cocktail, organised by the Presidential couple, even though the 20th May celebrations takes place on their own soil.

They threatened to abandon Paul Biya and give their supports elsewhere, where they will be acknowledged and recognized. 

This letter  was considered a sacrilege by some top elites of Mfoundi like Minister Mbarga Mboa, Andre Mama Fouda, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh etc, who held a meeting on October 18 2016,  begging Paul Biya, that the initiator of the said Memorandum Patriarch Emile Onambele Zibi, was not speaking the minds of all the Beti people, and that what he said should not be considered in any way. They went as far as suspending Emile Onambele Zibi from the affairs of the Beti people for one full year.

Today, this same people, yet in another letter one year after the first one, are calling on Paul Biya to release their kinsmen who were arrested and jailed during the Operation Sparrow hawk.

In a three page letter to the Head of State, the 'Association des Patriarches Beti Autochtones du Mfoundi' 'Association of Beti Indigenous Patriarchs of Mfoundi' salutes Paul Biya for liberating anglophone prisoners, whom they say exaggerated their actions by and jeopardizing National Unity.

They compared President Biya's gesture to that of the prodigal son in the bible, and congratulated him for the move.

They further went ahead to continuously beg the Head of State to release their kinsmen arrested and jailed for embezzlement, saying he should apply the same clemency on them, as he did to the Anglophone people, who according to them also break the law.

The Beti people used the upcoming 2018 elections to blackmail Paul Biya, since they are champions of vote manipulation.
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