Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Pope Francis Suffers Minor Accident In Popemobile

Pope Francis shows a bruise around his left eye and eyebrow caused by an accidental hit against the popemobile's window glass
Pope Francis suffered a minor accident upon his arrival to Cartagena, the very last stop of his Sept. 6-11 visit to Colombia, but wasn’t deterred and kept on chugging through the day.
As he was riding the Popemobile trying to reach out to one of the tens of thousands waiting for him along the streets, the car moved abruptly, causing the pope to stumble. He hit the left side of his head against the metal bar that holds the glass roof of the vehicle, striking him in the face.

A few droplets of blood stain Pope Francis' white tunic.
The Vatican said he received ice treatment and was fine.
A smiling pope continued the trip wearing a bandage over his cut. "I was punched. I'm fine," he joked afterwards, the bruises on his face clearly visible.

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