Friday, 22 September 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick Murders Unarmed Citizen In Cold Blood

The Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge yesterday Friday Sept. 22nd 2017, shot an killed an unarmed civilian, during the peaceful protest that took place in all corners of Southern Cameroons.

According to different sources, the landlord of the Buea Council was shocked to see the turn out of the population in his municipality in the protest, and as they were converging to Bongo Square, the military opened fire on them, trying to disperse them, as they scrambled for safety in various directions.

The victim, whom sources say was not part of the protesters ran along with the crowd, who were around the Mayor's resident, but the Mayor seeing the population running thought they were coming to attack him, and so he pulled his trigger on the unfortunate man who died on the spot
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The irate protesters had their fill of vengeance, as they turned the Mayor's house and properties into ruins with stones.

Ekema Patrick is at the Molyko Police Station, where he is being kept from the anger of the population, while his victim's body is presently lying  in one of the cold drawers of the Sosoliso Health Center in Buea.

Meanwhile Southern Cameroons Interim President has ordered that Ekema Patrick be arrested and locked up at the Chief's Palace, till further instructions.

Mayor Ekema Patrick is known for using brutal and tough measures to crack down protesters of the ongoing Southern Cameroons crisis, and together with Governor Okalia Bilai of the South West, have silenced innocent people by sending them to jail, or by depriving them of their properties.

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