Thursday, 21 September 2017

Hahahaha: Brenda Biya Says Her Going To ENAM Is To Add A Monumental Stone To The Construction Cameroon

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Brenda Biya is at it again. The self-made Socialite First Daughter of Cameroon took to her twitter recently to explain why she sat for the entrance examination into the National Higher School of Administration and Magistracy - ENAM.

In her most recent tweet, Brenda wrote: "Je voudrais juste contribuer d'une pierre, à l'édifice de ce pays. Bonjour." "I just want to add a stone to the monument of this country. Good morning".

In actual fact, Biya Eyenga Elle Brenda Anastasie is telling Cameroonians that she wants her own name to be recorded in golden register of Cameroon's history.

Good girl, the drug of puberty is gradually leaving you, and your natural intelligent is coming to light. Keep it up.

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