Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Die-Hard Southern Cameroonians In Muyuka Take Over The 'No-School Campaign' And Humiliates Violating Teachers Of GHS Bafia - Videos

Teachers of GHS Bafia - Muyuka forced to carry their bags on their heads by irate youths

The youths of Muyuka have said 'no school will resume' in and around their locality and pledged that they will work hand in hand with the present Southern Cameroons governing executives.

They invaded Government High School this morning, forced the teachers to carry their bags on their heads, and pushed them out of the school chanting; No school, No school, No school, as they walked the culprits to the local chief's palace, for him to give them a first warning and last warning.

Similar protests are taking place all over the North West  and South West Regions.

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