Monday, 4 September 2017

Can't Believe Minister Beti Assomo Sided With The Gendarmes! Wow! Typical Of Cameroun

Following yesterday's stand-off between the local population of Mbam Kifem in the Bui Division, the Minister of Defense Joseph Beti Assomo, on behalf of the government has reacted, to sympathize with the family of 16 years old Cyprian Sevidzem, who was hit by a strayed bullet from the gendarmes.

According to the Minister's Press Release, the gendarmes acted in self defense after the local population attacked them with traditional rifles, which is totally the contrary of what happened.

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The Minister failed to explain to the people how the elements of the gendarmerie were looting people's properties, which have been their usual habit.

Well, nothing can be done to bring back late Sevidzem, and we are happy the Commander of the Brigade has been relieved of his functions.

We also appreciate government's swift reaction and intervention, and are grateful for the condolence message from Popol.

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