Sunday, 3 September 2017

Cameroonians In The US Display Divided Opinion Infront Of The Cameroon Embassy In The US

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Cameroonians in the United States of America, thronged the embassy in Washington DC, to display a show of divided opinion on school resumption.
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On one hand, was French speaking Cameroonians, and children of politicians in the ruling CPDM Party, who do not understand the length, width, depth and height of the anglophone problem, and who are calling for school resumption.
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On the other hand, the marginalized Southern Cameroonians, insisting that there will be no school in Southern Cameroons until they have their restoration totally.
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Schools in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon have been grounded since November 21st 2016, following a series of grievances tabled by teachers.

These grievances have been unattended to by government, who falied severally to reach a point of dialogue, despite several attempts.

Meanwhile the lawyers too have been off  the courtrooms in the aforementioned regions since last year, citing some incoherencies in the judicial process in the anglophone court rooms.

These grievances met a people who had been boiling against the regime for many inconsistencies, including the open marginalization and discrimination, creating series of riots, with government using military pressure on the people.

Some were arrested and tortured to death, some arrested, jailed and released 8 months after, while others are still in jail.

The Southern Cameroons people have decided to part ways with the present regime, and say they want to go back to their former statehood, and will not collaborate with the present government any further.

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