Friday, 15 September 2017

Blue Jay Kings & Baron Karson Steals John Pelfor's New Song 'ANGELICA'

On Sept. 6, 2017, Cameroon Afrobeats artist John Pelfor Jejewou, released a brand new song ANGELICA, with the video already in the making, and to feature Cameroonian screen goddess Soli Egbe

While the song was getting all the appreciation and attention it deserves, a similar song came out, with the author Blue Jay Kings who is also a songwriter and producer claiming he and Baron Karson are the original authors, where as they stole the song from John Pelfor.

John Pelfor's version of the song ANGELICA

According to John Pelfor, he and Blue Jay are in a group where Blue Jay advertises beats to artists. He got interested the initial  beats he used to compose ANGELICA, and paid the sum of 25 000 F CFA to get the beats from Blue Jay.

He went to a Studio to do the recordings, and the DG was quite helpful in the arrangement, making changes on the beats as well as the song lines.  He went to another bigger studio, and the DG directed him on what and how to make the song become what it is.

Meanwhile from time to time, John Pelfor say he will send the song to Blue Jay, so that he can evaluate and appreciate, and Blue Jay will give his feedback. When the song was ready for the market, John Pelfor released on the 5th of September.

Blue Jay Kings and Baron Karson's version of ANGELICA

Blue Jay had disappeared into thin air, and when he reappeared, one Emmanuel from the US contacted John Pelfor on Sept. 9, telling him Blue Jay had sold the song ANGELICA to his boy probably Baron Karson, and that the original version of the song will be released, if he John Pelfor does not pay him the sum of $600.
When John refused to pay $600, ANGELICA was released by Blue Jay and Baron Karson on Wednesday Sept. 13, 2017 , who and are now accusing the Original Owner John Pelfor of stealing their piece of work.

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