Monday, 4 September 2017

Black Monday In Mbam Kifem, As Gendarmes Waste Life Of 16 Years Old Cyprain Sevidzem - Shocking Image

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Lifeless body of Cyprian Sevidzem, surrounded by mother and aunts

It is a day of weeping and mourning in Mbam Kifem, a village in Bui Division of the North West Region, as a teenage boy Cyprian Sevidzem received a strayed bullet, from a gendarme's rifle in a stand-off between the military and civilian, a confrontation that had nothing to do with the ongoing anglophone crisis.

The story goes that the Brigade Commander of the Kumbo Gendarmerie Brigade sent some of his men to the Kifem village, to raid an Indian herb farmer(that area is noted for growing Indian herbs). After arresting the wanted farmer, the gendarmes went ahead to steal goats belonging to other villagers, which raised an alarm, and the villagers came out in their numbers to protest.
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One of the victims recovering in the hospital

The gendarmes threw tear gas at the unarmed population to intimidate them, and later opened fire, on them. A strayed bullet got the head of 16 years old Cyprian, who fell and died on the spot, while some three others who got severe injuries were rushed to the hospital.
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Bullets used on unarmed civilians

The people of Kumbo came out in their numbers to support their brothers, and as they carried his body to the Fon's palace, the military intervened, forcefully collected the body from them, and drove away probably to the Kumbo morgue.

Updates say the people of Kumbo are already burning tyres at the main round about, blocking the main entrances into Kumbo, requesting for the body of their son and brother.

Meanwhile the Commander who requested the operation, and who is noted for intimidating, terrorizing and looting peoples' properties, have been relieved of his duty by his superiors, after the incident.

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