Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Barrister Agbor Balla, Dr. James Arrey Abangma And Mayor Ekema Patrick On Biya's Upcoming Ministerial List

Rumors of an imminent upcoming Cabinet shake-up is gradually becoming reality, as the coming days will be a total knock-out to all Cameroonians anglophones and francophones alike.

Sources at the Etoudi Power House say President Biya is up from his 34 years slumber, and has decided to build his upcoming government on a 50-50 Anglo-Franco foundation. This decision will be equalizing the governmental managerial ratio to  integrate and accommodate anglophones in positions of higher responsibilities in the piloting of the affairs of the country, hoping for peace and stability to bounce back to shape. 

Among the names echoing the Unity Palace corridors for this opportunities, are Dr. Agbor Balla Felix Nkongho, Dr. James Arrey  Abangma, Mayor Ekema Patrick and annoying names of some North West & South West CPDM Barrons and power mongers, whose egocentric dreams will be seeing daylight soon.

The Head of State is doing all in his powers, with the help of counselling from International powers, to appease the grudging anglophone people, and has vowed not to let them divide the country.

Our source tells us he is putting one and two together to call for a National Dialogue Forum, to be chaired by him, which will also serve as a peace making occasion, between the grumbling anglophone people and the regime, under the watchful eyes of representatives from the UN and other International Associations.

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