Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Another Baby Stolen In Yaounde University Hospital Center

There is tension in the Yaounde University Hospital Center, after a premature baby allegedly went missing. Reports say the baby's mother had delivered prematuredly three months ago, and the hospital told her they had put the child inside an incubator.

Yesterday morning, she went for the baby, but was told the baby had died, and was in the mortuary. When she went to the mortuary, the story changed. The baby was nowhere to be found. The lady questioned why the hospital did not inform her of the death of her baby, but got no answer.

At about midday, her husband came with a Bailiff and his family members, but were refused access into the hospital.

The population has taken over the case, and the University Teaching Hospital Melen Yaounde has been besieged by an intimidating military presence.

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