Monday, 28 August 2017

Wum People Defies Ghost Town Instructions, And Pilot Their Activities As Usual

Reports say the people of the Menchum Division, and especially denizens of the capital town of Wum, have resisted the call of ghost town by Southern Cameroons leaders, and are currently carrying out their daily normal activities hitch free.

The main inter-urban transporter Vatican Agency managed by one Alhadi Sunda is in full gear, loading and transporting passengers from Wum to Bamenda, while motor bike riders are also hitting the roads to have their daily bread.

Meanwhile, the pricipal of GBHS Wum Mr. Ngooh Romani, Vice Elvis Mua, and second Vice Tem Gerald are strongly campaigning for registrations, with their doors opened since last week, and sources say some education thirsty parents and students are already answering present, by paying their registration and other expenses.

The  Menchum Division, harbour of destitution is represented at the Parliament by CPDM's Hon. Wallang Richard Ebua for the South, SDF's Hon. Ndong Larry Hills for the North, and CPDM's Senator Wallang David Akwo at the Upper House of the Law.

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