Wednesday, 16 August 2017

SUPERSTAR Student Of GBHS Mendong Yaounde Passes 21 Subjects Out Of 11 Registered In The Most Abominable 2017 GCE O/Levels

A superSTAR student of the Government Bilingual High School Mendong Yaounde, WAWOUH Ulrich Jouel, whose name appears FIRST on the list of successful candidates of Center Number 11467, and whom the Chief Examiner Minister Jean Ernest Bibehe Ngale Messina published that the boy passed  21 SUBJECTS out of the 11 he registered and sat for during the GCE O/Level, has proven to the world that in actual fact the 2017 General Certificate of Education examination was and is a total chaos.

The Boss of the GCE Board Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono himself was shocked at the proclamation of the results, that was released and published from Yaounde the Political capital,  where as the results were to be released and published by the GCE Board in Buea, the South West Regional Capital.

After the Minister and the Registrar of the GCE Board went at logger head over moderation of pass grades from C to D as the minimum, Minister Bibehe hammered and threatened that he was going to have Dr Monono fired from the GCE Board, ordering that the examination scripts be send to him in Yaounde, through some emissaries he sent to Buea.

At his command, the scripts were sent to him, where he and his cohort did what they did, to get the pathetic 25.29% success rate at the Ordinary Level, four days after the proclamation and release of the Advance Level.

Education specialists have condemned with all their strengths the manner in which this year's examinations where conducted and how results were release, and say for 23 years that the GCE Board has been operating, 2017 is the only year that the Minister of Education has announced and published the results, there by boycotting the traditional rules and regulations governing the board.

The results of WAWOUH Ulrich Joeul, is just a proof of how the results were manipulated to suit the the ego of the regime.

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