Monday, 7 August 2017

Staged Discovery Of Explosives In Mbengwi: Investigations Reveal The Explosives Were To Be Used To Bomb The North West And South West Regions

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Security sources say the presumed terrorists arrested last August 3 in Mbengwi, were preparing to carry out attacks in the North West and South Regions of the country.

According to the outcome of investigations concerning the arrest of a gang of seven with explosives in Mbengwi, chief town of the Momo Division in the North West Regions,  the culprits were 'preparing an attack' against the two English speaking regions of the country.

'le Jour' newspaper of today 7th August 2017, says the Police Forces reveal that Alfred Ngyam Dasi, who is the head of the gang, is the same guy, who wanted to bomb the Bamenda grandstand, during the May 20th 2015 march past, and who ran faster than the Forces of Law and Order, before they could get to him.

Alfred Ngyam Dasi whom the paper say is renowned for his criminal records in the North West Region, had a Belgian passport on him during his recent arrest.

Another information in the reports is that the gang was equally in possession of arms and ammunition, with no quantity disclosed. The report say the guys all hail from the Anglophone regions, and that when Police went to search their homes, they found traces of gunpowder, ordered from Belgium, to manufacture bombs. The Police also said they found stuffs made of pipe tubes, pieces of iron and other materials, that could be used for a strong explosive machine.

According to the paper, Police says Alfred Ngyam and his gang are linked to the ongoing anglophones crisis. 

In all these allegations, the police is still to give the public the names of the other gang members, the type of explosives found on them, and the means they were using to transport the said explosives.

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