Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Southern Cameroonians Discover They Are Eligible To British Passports

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Southern Cameroonians Discover They Are Eligible To  British Passports

Cameroonians from the North West and South West Regions have been excited after discovering they are eligible to a British Passport, which automatically takes them to the root of the history of their original colonization.

The person who made the discovery, and who probably is in Britain wrote in all excitment: "Comrades we have been living in perpetual darkness for 56 years. I just Google British trust territory passport and I landed on a law firm website with Southern Cameroons. If you can show that you are not la republique you are eligible for a British passport. Information is power. Every body should take advantage of this flood the UK embassies across the globe to exercise your rights

For those with Citizenship; time to claim your monies back. Not just for the naturalization but for every single UK visa application ever made. British nationality is currently every Ambazonian's *Birth right*.

More claims on that like stress, trauma, forced separation from family etc....

Also once in process, let the press know. I can only imagine the pressure the British public will create.....

Bongo square is close, it's like a dream.

Chai GOD!!!!
There's really time for EVERYTHING!!!!

The struggle continues.
The LORD GOD is our helper!!!"

Meanwhile some are already filling applications in groups, to see if it will practically work, and if it does, it will be a giant leap to TOTAL FREEDOM.

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