Thursday, 24 August 2017

Senegalese Philanthropic Tycoon Aliou Sow Dies In Paris At 83

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The Senegalese founder of ‘Compagnie sahelienne d’entreprisee' (CSE), Aliou Sow has died in the French capital Paris on Wednesday at the age of 83.
Mr. Sow left his mark on the construction industry in Africa, constructing bridges, highways and other major infrastructures. 

A former executive of the Shell oil group, Sow was involved in the 1970 establishment of the CSE.

A self-motivated visionary, he took control of the company six years later before changing its name to its current ‘Compagnie sahelienne d’entreprises’. 

According to the local press, quoting a rare statement by the late entrepreneurial billionaire, Sow had benefited from a bank loan of six million CFA francs (about $10.000), to set up his company. 

Success will result from his relentless efforts to establish a foothold in the local construction industry, competing with foreign multinationals, which were then well-rooted in Senegal. 

Among CSE’s achievements are the construction of the headquarters of the Ministry of Health and the Islamic Foundation in Dakar, the Radisson Blu. 

In the 1980s, Sow diversified his company’s activities, embarking on finance and becoming the majority shareholder (66 percent) of the Senegal-Tunisia Bank.
In 2006, he sold his share to the Moroccan Attijariwafa Bank at a cool profit. 

Hailed by his collaborators, the deceased was also known for his philanthropic activities. 
Sow’s position is being steered by his sons, who will strive to perpetuate the immense legacy he has left behind. 

Paying tribute to him, Senegal’s head of state, Macky Sall said “Senegal has lost an emblematic figure in its private sector.” 

President Sall described him as a business trailblazer, committed philanthropist, and a model of tenacity and consistency in the quest for excellence. 

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