Thursday, 3 August 2017

Scandal!!!! Minister Basile Atangana Kouna Involved In A More Than 300 Billion Francs Commission Scandal

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Scandal!!!! Minister Basile  Atangana Kouna Involved In A More Than 300 Billion Francs Commission Scandal

The  Minister of Water and Energy Basile Atangana Kouna  is involved in a more than  300 Billion Francs Commission scandal, relating to project of supplying portable drinking water in Yaounde and its environs.

According to Boris Bertolt France based Cameroonian Investigative journalist, this project, that is managed by French and Chinese Contractors, was over billed  to the government at 950 Million, equivalent of 526,142,525,740 F CFA(Five Hundred and Twenty Six Billion, One Hundred and Forty Two Million, Five Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand, Seven Hundred and Forty Francs), instead of its real costs, which stands at  $ 350 million equivalent of 193,833 374,558 F CFA(One Hundred and Ninety Three Billion Eight Hundred and Thirty Three Million, Three Hundred and Seventy Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Fifty Eight Francs).

Meanwhile the excess of $ 600 Million that is 332,256,780,598 F CFA(Three Hundred and Thirty Two Billion Two Hundred and Fifty Six Million Seven Hundred and Eighty Thousand  Five Hundred and Ninety Eight Francs) goes as COMMISSION into the Personal, Private Pockets of  Minister Atangana Kouna, and his Chiness and French friends . 

Such are the best practices of our country's managers, and we won't be surprised that he is awarded with a promotion to a more prestigious position tomorrow.

Details uploading. Stay tuned.

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