Sunday, 13 August 2017

Rev. Fr, Léon Magloire FOE Of Obala Suspended For Being Married With Kids

Rev. Fr, Léon Magloire FOE, the Priest, the husband, the papa, the in-law, and a representative of the Roman Catholic Church

The Bishop of Obala Mgr Sosthène Léopold Bayemi  has suspended Rev. Fr. Léon Magloire Foe for 'violating the oath of celibacy'.

In a decree of July 8th 2017, Mgr Sosthene Leopold Bayemi accuses Rev. Fr. Léon Magloire Foé  of being legally married at the Ezezang Mendoum Council to one Ngono Aline Solange, and that the married is cimented with kids.

The alarm was blown, when the Priest and wife Solange had a marital conflict, and apparently decided to divorce, and the court gave custody of the kids to their father the Rev. Father.

It was during the court saga, that Christians woke up in an uproar, and called the attention of the Bishop, who after verification of the facts, decided to suspend Rev. Fr. Foe, for 'Violating the oath of celibacy '.

In the suspension decree, Bishop Sosthene cited the code of Canon Law 1394, paragraph 1, that says: 'a clergy who attempts marriage, even if only civillyincurs a latae
sententiae suspension. If he does not repent after being warned continues to give scandal, he can be punished gradually by privations of even dismissal from the clerical state', which is what he has applied.

Read the suspension decree below:

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