Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Ghost Own Extends To Day 2, As Ndumu Vincent SEALS All Shops In The Nkwen, Ntarikon, Food And Bamenda Main Markets

The government delegate to the Bamenda city council, who was rubbished during the meeting he called last Saturday Aug. 26. 2017, to address traders and parents of Bamenda, is taking advantage of the military invasion in town to SEAL the shops of traders who respected yesterday's ghost town call.
Ndumu who is acting out of frustration thinks threatening traders by sealing their shops will make them feel vulnerable, and fall on government's side.

Unfortunately for him, his action has backfired as other traders not operating inside the market have also shut down their businesses in SOLIDARITY.  

However, he fails to understand that a man who is already down fears no fall, which means he will reopen the shops on his own, with no one going to beg him.

Ndumu Vincent has done nothing but embezzle Bamenda council money since his appointment as government delegate to the very productive Bamenda city council. Street roads are dark for lack of street lights, roads are bad with bumps all over, refuse dump all over the place, and Ndumu's incompetent self  is only trying to register his name in the register of cowards at LRC.

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