Thursday, 24 August 2017

Mortuary Attendant Flogs Two Dead Men For Eating Eggs Without Paying In Akonolinga

According to 'Mutation' newspaper, the mortuary attendant of the Akonolinga District hospital got very angry with two dead men, whose ghosts ate boiled eggs for 1000 Frs, and had them well beaten.

The story goes that on August 9, 2017, the mortuary attendant of the Akonolinga District hospital mortuary, in the Nyong and Mfoumou Division of the Center Region, met  a 7 years old  boiled eggs hawker standing infront of the doors of the morgue crying. He asked if the child had lost someone and why he was crying infront of the mortuary. The child explained that two men had eaten his eggs for 1000 Frs, and asked him to wait for them where he was standing, as they disappeared, and has not yet come back to pay him.

The mortuary attendant went into the morgue, and began searching the drawers, when he saw two dead men sleeping side by side with oil round their mouth. He came outside, paid the young boy his 1000 Frs, before going back inside the morgue to flog the two men in the eyes of the hospital personnel present.

Akonolinga is known for such frightful tales, as recently, it was reported that a certain man who had died unknown to his wife, went to the farm where she was working and asked her to make love with him, which was very unusual of him according to the wife who explained the story after the incident. 

After the love making session, he took his cutlass that he was going to dig some cassava still in that farm, but a little bit down, when his daughter came calling the mother that her husband had died, and that his body was lying on the slab of the morgue waiting for her before they put inside. 

The woman argued her daughter that the father/husband just left her not up to 3 minutes ago, and was somewhere in the farm digging cassava, but every search for him proved futile, as he was gone for good.

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