Sunday, 13 August 2017

Minister Bibehe Threatens To SACK GCE Board's Boss Over His Refusal To Re-moderate GCE O/Level Results

Minister Bibehe Threatens To SACK  GCE Board's Boss Over His Refusal To Re-moderate GCE O/Level Results
Three days gone already, since the release of the results for the 2017 Political General Certificate of Education were announced by the Minister of Secondary Education Jean Ernest Messina Bibehe Ngale, and parents and students are still to get the results of the O/Level, which is creating a fight between the Secondary Education Boss, and his staff the GCE Board Boss.

While the results of the Advanced Level which is 35.52% is extremely the worse in decades, that of the O/Level, which is still to be released is at a CATASTROPHIC 16%.

Sources say the overall success percentage of the Ordinary Level is at a disgraceful 16%, reason why Minister Bibehe is fighting tooth and nail to make it read better.

In-house sources reports that the Minister called the boss of the GCE board Dr. Humphrey Ekema Monono, asking him to summon chiefs of subjects to come and re-moderate the examination and  better the results, but the upright Monono gave a big 'HELL NO' to the Minister, telling him the 'out put which is the results is from the input which is the examinations' that students wrote, and that he cannot change the data.

The Minister threatened that he was going to have Monono SACKED from the GCE Board, if he disobeyed his instructions, and Monono answered  that he  was appointed as Head of the GCE Board on MERITOCRACY, while Mr. Minister was appointed on PALM-GREASING. Meaning that even if he (Bibehe) fires him, he (Monono) will quickly get another job thanks to his incorruptible and intellectual mindset.

As it stands, Monono has stood his ground, but will the Minister accept defeat?

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