Thursday, 10 August 2017

Minister Issa Tchiroma Says Government Has Arrested The Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement Leader, Who Wanted To Attack Cameroon

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Minister Issa Tchiroma yesterday August 9, 2017  gave a Press briefing on the arrest of some boys in Mbengwi with explosives on the August 3 2017.
Initial report stated that the gang was seven, but government's spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakary says they were five, and that  the main suspect  presented as Mr Dasi Alfred has confessed that he is the leader of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement, and was planning to carry out attacks on security forces.
The entire statement of Issa Tchiroma below:
On 2 and 3 August 2017, the services of the Regional Delegation of the National Security Force of the Northwest Territories arrested five individuals in the town of Mbengwi, Momo Division, North-West Region.
These are DASI Alfred NGYAH aka “Sniper”, MBA-ABE Edwin DASI, TEFEH Collins TEGHE,  FUH Luther CHE, NGWA Louis MONYONGA and Martha FORMENYAM.

After interrogating the arrested persons, the Police went to the house of DASI Alfred NGYAH, who is the head of the gang, where they discovered military ammunition concealed in a bunker.

Among these ammunition, were semi automatic fire arms, night vision gadgets with laser range finder, shooting glasses,  a shielding shooting episcope , bipods and tripods of precised weapons, rechargers of sniper riffles, explosive charge contain and explosive charge chemicals, explosive device switches, timers and other equipment for fabricating explosive devices and firearms.

The Police also discovered computerized information on the fabrication of improvised explosive devices, as well as a map of the dormant Southern Cameroons Liberation Movement Cell , inside the  laptop found in his house.

The first results of the investigations reveal that DASI Alfred NGYAH, leader of the gang is a resident of a foreign country, where he has a nationality, even though he is a Cameroonian by origin.

He admitted being an Ambazonian of the Liberation of Southern Cameroons wing.
When asked about the origin, belonging and destination of the military effects seized from his home, DASI Alfred said he was the owner and declared that he had personally acquired them abroad, and brought them into Cameroon through  a neighbouring country.

Investigations also revealed that DASI Alfred NGYAH was the brain behind the network  that attempted to bomb the Bamenda Grandstand during the 2015 20th May celebrations.

The suspect later managed to escape and sought refuge abroad.

Upon returning to Cameroon, together with members of his Commando, they were planning to attack the Defense and Security Forces, military and administrative officials.

At the time of arrest on August 2nd and 3rd 2017, the gang of DASI Alfred NGYAH was preparing to attack a Police checkpoint.

As of now, investigations are ongoing at the the level of the competence services.
Thank you for your kind attention.

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