Sunday, 6 August 2017

Minister Dione Ngute and Co Runs For Their Safety, As They Meet With Stiff Southern Cameroonians Wall In South Africa

President Biya's emissaries to South Africa led by Minister Joseph Dione Ngute, failed to preach their perfidious gospel of peace, as they met with a stiff wall of angry Southern Cameroonians, who came crumbling on them, to the extend that Minister Dione Ngute and Co had to vamoose for their lives.

The Dione Ngute led delegation, was sent to South Africa to brief  “Cameroonians” there on the prevailing situation in Southern Cameroons. 

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What participants of the meeting were to eat, finally ended on the floor

Every one including their Boss President Biya, knew this was going to what the call in French 'mission impossible' (impossible mission), but they dared, as usual, hoping money could turn the tides in their favours.

The meeting hall in South African this afternoon, had some french speaking Cameroonians, and other invited guests, but turns fell apart, when Southern Cameroonians who came in their numbers were deprived access into the Cameroon Embassy in South Africa which was the meeting venue.

Most of them managed to force their way into the meeting hall chanting songs of freedom, while others remained outside to protest at the embassy's gate with placards, chanting 'how many of we wey Paul Biya go kill'.  

Minister Dione Ngute who was already sweating at their sight, was asked to go back to Cameroon and tell his Pharaoh boss to free all Southern Cameroonians in his captivity, and call for a referendum for a peaceful separation of La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons.
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In the course of the argument, the meeting room was ramshackled, because Dione Ngute was playing tough, refusing to listen to his victims. When he saw fire in their eyes, he feared that he might return to Cameroon without his natural optics, he took the back door exit, and fleed for his safety.

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