Saturday, 5 August 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick Gets A Pat On The Back From His Bosses Instead Of Lashes

The Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge, who has recently been on fire for allegations that he holds fake certificates, has been congratulated by a delegation of Political top guns from Yaounde, for his struggle in'fostering peace and development' in his municipality.

The two man delegation made of Governor Naseri Paul Bea of the Center Region and General Agha Robinson visited the academic dodger on Friday 4th July 2017 in his office, and saluted him for his courage, and strong stand to foster peace and development in his municipality amidst growing tensions from the Anglophone crisis.

Ekema Patrick was guest at CRTV National Radio Sunday morning breakfast round-table 'Cameroon Calling', where he failed to discuss about his fake certificates scandal, but rather hammered on the Clergies of both the Catholic, Presbyterian and Baptist faith, who are involved in a legal battle with the none existing Consortium of Parents, calling on the law to mercilessly nail them, should they be found guilty of what he termed: "Misappropriation of funds".

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