Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Mayor Ekema Patrick Narrowly Escapes Death From The Mile 29 Muyuka Accident. The Untold Story Of The Accident That Claimed 20 Lives

The most fortunate Mayor of the Buea Council Ekema Patrick Esunge, who always mysteriously walks his way out of situations he creates for himself, has this time walked his way out of the death trap, that was set for members of the Bakweri Traditional Choir 'Wana Wa Wonja' by whoever decided to fill the empty blood banks of the crooked Rosicrucian world, probably to appease their masters of the underworld to give them more powers to face the genuine rebellious anglophone people.

The choristers 20 in number including the driver, were returning from a wake keeping in Oweh Muyuka, where they were invited by the family of late Mrs Mbake, a retired Basic Education teacher, to animate.

The Patron of 'Wana Wa Wonja'  Lord Mayor Ekema Patrick, did not go with them, and was noticeably absent from the occasion, raising eyebrows, because he is the Christian Ronaldino of the CPDM in the South West, that was heavily present to say their last prayers for Mrs. Mbake who was equally a staunch militant of the ruling flame party.

Since the wake keeping was without corpse, the choristers whom everyone appreciated all night for the beautiful performance they put up, had to rush to Buea their base, to freshen up and come back for the burial ceremony.

They all boarded the 19 sitter bus that that was charted for them, and driven by Ngombi Emmanuel, the controversial President of the Mile 17 motor park, who was also a member of the choir.

They were hitting the road, when an upcoming  truck transporting biscuits, sweets, chocolates and crates, lost its brakes around the Muyuka Mile 29 hill, and ran over them, mincing them to what even hell cannot accept.

Their remnants were being transported to the Buea morgue, where their Patron Ekema Patrick was seen in tears, sharing money to some youths, who helped put the corpses in the mortuary, as their families wail in pains.

Observers of his actions did not appreciate it, as wagging tongues began  questioning if the late night worships at Mile 16 had got nothing to do with the hundred liters of blood that has just been shed on that godforsaken road.

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