Friday, 11 August 2017

Maahlox Locks Up His Friends Of ZONE2RAP At SED

Maahlox Locks Up His Friends  Of ZONE2RAP At SED 

Cameroon's controversial Rapgod Maalox Le Vibeur is back again in the country, after his European tour. Maahlox who has been making endless headlines from when he insulted the late Bishop of Bafia, to his fight at Djeuga Palace Nightclub Yaounde, to his banned concert by the SDO of Douala V and his exclusion from his Label ZONE2RAP (Zone de Révolution Artistique positive).

People were almost breathing sighs of relief from the Maahlox this, Maahlox that, Maahlox here, Maahlox there, because Maahlox was out of the country, and so no atrocity has been ascribed to his name, for almost a month.

But he is back, and he's got us talk about him again.

The 'ca sort comme ca sort' singer and his friends who were always seen on his clips are now at loggerheads, as he is accusing them of breaking into his Studio and stealing his equipment.

According to Lebledparle reporting the story, the whole drama started on July 8, after the rapper traveled abroad for his just ended tour. That same day, members of his label ZONE2RAP published a press release excluding him from the group, citing professional and ideological deficiencies, and announcing the creation of a new label Fast Life.

The group took away equipment belonging to ZONE2RAP, claiming that it didn't belong to Maalox alone, as indicated by his former beat maker Ivo Chobodo in a correspondence.

The Sour Rapper could not digest this humiliation and betrayal, and decided to use the law this time, accusing his friends of 'aggravated theft' through a bailiff, who served them convocations. 

"I am telling you again about studio equipment that you stole, and you don't want to listen. I am warning again that if anyone knows that his name is not on the purchase reciepts of one of those equipment, let him stay far away from those materials". Maahlox warned on Facebook on Monday August 7.

Lebledparle says they tried getting in touch with Dady Channel alias Lil Wayne, who till day still appears bare body on Maahlox's videos, to get detail information on this saga, but they were told he is under detention since Wednesday August 9 2017, at the Gendarmerie Headquarters Secretariat popularly known as SED, where Maahlox have kept him and the others.

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