Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Letter To Anglophone Journalist Atia Azohnwi In The Kondengui Prison, As He Celebrates Plus One Year Today - Please Celebrate Him In Prayers

Dear brother Atia Azohnwi from Southern Cameroons,

It's been five (05) months, since you were unlawfully arrested and detained among others, in the filthy rooms of the Yaounde Central Prison Kondegui, where you  probably never in the wildest of your imagination dreamed of spending an hour, talk-less of months and worse of all a BIRTHDAY.

Your arrest and detention, doesn’t change our feelings towards you, as a brave Media warrior of our time, and your colleagues, families, friends and the general Southern Cameroons people admire and love you even more, because you are being persecuted for the TRUTH, and that TRUTH for which you are being persecuted for, will adorn your head with a crown of GLORY the moment you step out of that jungle.
Atia Azohnwi

We all know that you’d rather have loved to be almost everywhere else today, except in jail, where you are being unjustly held captive. But like the Word of God tells us, in Romans 8:28 and I read:  'ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his PURPOSE'. Believe me bro, you will never know that purpose if you had not been bundled by those ruthless armies of Mr. Biya and dumped where you are today. Hopefully, one year older will really mean one year maturity in the knowledge of that PURPOSE .

Don't push back your tears when they flow, for those tears are contributing POSITIVELY to the already registered success of what you fought for.

Don't regret asking ask God why you, because you are SAFER in that prison, and free from the fear of uncertainty that surrounds us out here, with the unbearable sounds of gunshots, frightful cracks of tear gas smoke in the air, and military intimidation that we deal with daily.

You have played your part, and you're thought and prayed for every single day since your arrest. Somehow more than ever, your special day is here. No physical present can be given, which we know is very hard, but there's a world of LOVE for you out here, and you just have to take FULL ADVANTAGE of that love, and give us a COURAGEOUS SMILE, that will encourage us to be  STRONG for you and others.

Yes Atia AzohnwiPolitical desk editor of The SUN newspaper, presently warming the cold bare floors in one of the air tight rooms of the Kondengui prison, today is your BIRTHDAY. Make some joyful noise to confuse your jailer. Raise your eyes to the sky, where I know no one can stop you from doing so, and feel the love, best wishes, and prayers, that Thatcher, and 8 million other Southern Cameroonians, send you on this your SUPER  BIRTHDAY, to lift up your burdened soul.

And Oh Yes! We will NOT STOP making noise and calling for your release, until YOU ALL are released, or they arrest US ALL.

Happy Birthday My Media STAR

Henriette THATCHER

#FREEAtia #FREEAllJournalists #FREEAllArrested

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