Monday, 28 August 2017

Late Bishop Bala's Ritualistic Killers Sprinkles Fresh Blood on His Grave

Late Bishop Jean Marie Benoit Bala has been buried, but the mysteries surrounding his death are still unfolding, and his killers continue to  use him even in death, to the extend of carrying out bloody rituals on his grave.

Sources report that the population of Bafia woke up this morning with a strange phenomenon on the late Prelate's grave, as they saw blood sprinkled from his grave, to the path walk of the Cathedral, into the cathedral, right up to where the Bishop's chair is and on the table where the golden book is kept. 

According to Radio Balafon relaying the story, administrative officials were alerted and they too were shocked at what some say is a SATANIC RITUAL that was probably done at night by the ritualists who murdered the Bishop.

Some of the blood from the grave was taken to Yaounde for investigation as usual.

Meanwhile, it was only after the blood that was sprinkled everywhere inside the church was cleaned with Holy water, that the Vicar General was able to celebrate mass this morning.

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